WindowsAll Revamped Great start. Nice layout. Has downloads for all major version of windows and dos. This may be one to watch.
uncreativelabs This is the original vintage pc support community. Now run by a handful of regulars. New articals always welcome. Even though it\'s not really a 5 yet I bet it will grow.
WinVision Great site with a lot of information and downloads for every os from dos to windows xp! A must visit to get your system fully running.
Gaby's Homepage for CP/M and Computer This is the place for anything CP/M. Has tons of information of many early z80 based systems as well. A must visit for anyone even slightly interested in old systems.
Z80-Family Another wonderful site by Gaby Chaudry. This one has about everything one could need concerning the Zilog z-80 and compatible cpu's. Even has information on building your own simple z-80 computer. Great work Gaby!
i486 Personal Computer Small site with some information about his collection of computers.
abandoned-places Wonderful site about exploring abandoned buildings. Not computer related but still a must visit for those of us who like to poke around.
PCjr Reborn Great site on the pcjr. Has several mods I never saw before. If you have a pcjr this is a must visit. Also has a fairly active forum.
AXCEL216's MAX Speeed WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets Huge would be an understatment. It has information for just about every major microsoft os. Would take days to fully read.
The Little Crappy Laptop Page A fair site with some information on older laptops. Somewhat out of date(most stuff is from 1998/99) but still a good laugh.
old-computers LOTS of information on just about any old computer from the 80286 on down.
EZNOS The best way to make a 8088 based dos server.
Calmira Makers of Calmira II. If you like windows 3.1x but also like the windows 9X gui then this is the program for you. I have run this on everything from a 16mhz 386 up to a 400mhz pentium. A must have program.